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The following information about privacy and cookies on the site are split into two different sections, first about privacy and the second about cookies. Privacy Policy

Information about the article. 13 of the Privacy Act: According with Article 13 of the code of Legislative Decree n°. 196/2003, we give you the following information.

Purpose of the Privacy treatment

Informations can be collected for one or more following purpose:

  • Provide access to restricted areas of the Portal and Portals/ Sites connected with this one and sending of commercial informations, news, updates on initiatives and it’s subsidiary and / or affiliates and / or Sponsor.
  • Any transfer to third parties of mentioned informations, always aimed at the realization of marketing campaigns e-mail and to the sending of commercial communications prior authorization.
  • Perform of obbligations laid down in laws or guidelines.
  • Contact management.

Treatment process

Informations will be treated with the following process:

  1. Data collection with single-opt mode, in a special database;
  2. Registration and processing on paper and / or magnetic media;
  3. Automated archives management, according with the Technical Regulations of minimum security measures, annex B of the Privacy Code.

Mandatory nature

All requested data are required in order for the correct use of tools.

Subjects that may be disclosed personal data

The collected informations will be shared with:

  1. Society and companies to use direct mailing or similar activities;
  2. Associations and foundations willing to buy advertising spaces on the lists or on the website and / or related to the provision of a specific service.
  3. Subjects who should have access to informations, such as law or secondary and / or community legislations.

Your rights

According with Article 7 (Rights to personal data access and other righs) of the Privacy Act, we announce that your rights about the processing of the data are:

  • Knowledge, through free access to the excistence of data treatment that can affect you;
  • Informed about the nature and purpose of the treatment;

Obtain from the owner, without delay:

  • The existence or not of personal data concerning you, even if not yet registered, and communication in an intelligible form of the informations and their origins, and the logic and purpose on which the treatment is based.The request can be renewed, unless there are justified reasons, after not less than ninety days.;
  • The cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data processed unlawfully,including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purpose for which the data where collected or subsequently treated;
  • Updating, amendment or, if interested,the integration of existing data;
  • Oppose wholly or in part for legitimate reasons the treatment of personal informations about you even if pertinent to the purpose of collection;

Cookie policy

The site applies regulations on the use of cookies identified at the data protection warrantor. You can see more information about cookies at the following link and pick up signs of the Privacy warrantor according to the Register of measures n. 229 of May 8th 2014.

Our site has three different types of cookies:

  1. Technical cookies, essential in order of navigation on our site and required if proceed to the usability of the same pages of the site.
  2. Third parties cookies that we don’t control, but necessary to use external services which currently are;
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    – Social: for sharing and synchronization of contents to Facebook, Twitter,      Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, RSS, Instragram.
  3. Profiling Cookies which are also defined in Analytics and useful to analysis of user navigation systems.

At the opening of the web page, a banner will show that install cookies and, browsing or closing of the banner, is an implicit approval to the use of cookies.

The cookies will have validity of 365 days

If you want to remove our cookies from your computer, tablet or phone you need to delete them manually in the browser, following the instruction below:

Owner of Data Treatment

The owner of treatment valid for all legal intents and purpose is

Lippolis Vincenzo

To exercise your rights under the art. 7 of the Privacy Act for the elimination of your data from the archive, just contact us through one of the channels available, including email, phone or the above mentioned address.

All data are protected through secure encryption, antivirus, firewall and password.